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Arulmigu Oppiliappan Temple - Tourist Places


       Rahu temple is in Thirunakeswaram about 5 km form Kumbakonam. The deity of the temple is Nagabatheswarar and the Goddess is Piraiyani Valnuthal Ammai. This temple faces the east; it has four Gopurams and three corridors. The Gopuram has five tiers. As one enters the one can have darisanam of Nirutha Ganapathy, Nadi, Vinayakar.In the outer corridor of the Southern corner, Rahu Baghawan accompanied by his two Devis is found. Adverse effects of Rahu will be, such as, misunderstanding among relations and loss of money, illness and unnecessary medical expenditure.By worshiping Rahu we may get favourable effect suchy as improvement in financial position, increase in comforts, disappearance of bad habits, development of good habitsRahu may be worshiped on any day. It will reduce the ill effects considerably.

SURIYANAR KOVIL ( Suriya Bahavan )

       This temple is close to Aduthurai and 15 km from Kumbakonam and also a kali Amman Temple that should be visited.Among the planets, Sun occupies the prime position. That is why the first day of the week is named Sunday. The seven planets including Saturn form the seven days of the week.The eight planet is called Rahu. is allotted 10 1/2 hours in seven days of the week. On each day 1-1/2 hours is allotted for Rahu. This one and a half hour is known as Rahu Kalam.The ninth planet is known as Ketu. For Ketu also the same is allotted. This one and a half hour is known as Yama HandamBoth Rahu's Time and Kato's Time are considered as inauspicious time. Suriyanar (Sun) Temple towers 15.5 meter high. It has three tiers. At the top of the tower there are five kalasam. Outside the Rajagopuram ( main tower) in the north side there is a holy tank called Surya Pushkarni where one should take a bath, and those who are not in a position to bath should sprinkle water on their head.As you enter the Temple on the right side there is Theertha Vinayakar (Ganesh) Sannidhi is there and in the northern corridor one will find Thejas Chandikeswarar Sannidhi.

Arulmigu Subramanya Temple - Swamimalai

Location : 18-km From Kumbakonam in Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu.
Deity Worshipped : Lord Muruga As Swaminathan.
Significance : One Of The Famous Six Abodes Dedicated To Lord Muruga.

Kumbeswarar Temple

       Adi Kumbeswarar temple is the major one among the Saivite temples and located in the centre of Kumbakonam at Big Bazaar Street . This temple covers an area of 30181 sq.ft. with a length and breadth of 750 feet, and 252 feet respectively. This temple comprises of three Praharas and three Gopurams in the eastern, northern and western directions. It is believed that Govinda Theeksithan, the Chieftain of Achutha Nayakar of Thanjavur, renovated this oldest temple during 16 th century. The East Gopuram consists of 9 stories with a height of 128-ft. Mangala Theertham, Marriage hall and small temples for Muruga, Ganapathi and Mangalambigai are other major constituents of this temple.


       Narasimhavathaaram by Lord Vishnu was taken to destroy the asura Hiranyan, who was filled with haughtiness proclaiming himself as God. Asura samharam was over. But Narasimha's anger didn't abate. The Universe couldn't bear His anger. The 'devas'appealed to Lord Shiva. To appease Narasimha's anger, Lord Shiva assumed the form of a bird Sarabha. This form comprises the forms of an animal, human and bird - the face of a yali, human body and the form of a bird. The form of Narasimha consisted of a human body and the face of a lion. Kaali and Durga became the wings of Saraba. Lord Sarabeswara lifted Narasimha to space, drew out the asura blood (Hiranyan's) and pacified him. He took him to space because even if a drop of asura blood fell on the earth, it would lead to the emergence of many asuras. So, Lord Sarabeswara took Narasimha above the gravitational sphere to prevent his blood falling on earth. The form of Sarabeswara comprises four Gods - Shiva, Kaali, Durga and Vishnu.

KANCHANOOR ( Sukkira Bahavan )

       Kanjanoor is the holy abode fro Sukra Baghawan. Kananoor is in Thanjavur Diustrict, which is two km. away from Suriyanar Kovil near Aduthurai. Those who worship Venus will be bestowed with happy marriage and prosperity. The main deity here is Sri Agnipuriswarar. Venus showers on her devotees many blessings such as health, happiness, comfortable life and wealth. The ill effect of Sukra Dasa may lead to betrayal by women. One may suffer from venereal disease. By worshiping Venus, one can obtain propitiation from Sukra Dosha (adverse effect) To get rid of evil effect in ones life Venus has to worship on Fridays. She loves to be decorated with white cloths. Those who have a weak Venus in their chart or born on the 6 or any number that add up to 6 should wear a diamond ring. Aum jung, hang sa bhur bhuvan swa kartike namah swa bhuvan bhur sa hangs jung aum.