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Arulmigu Oppiliappan Temple - Temple Structure

      It is named as Suddhananda, meaning "pure happiness" . Devotees who worship this vimana(tower) derive immence and unalloyed happiness. Note that the vimana in Tirumala Tirupati is named as Ananda vimana, whereas here it is Suddhananda Vimana.

      Desika's sannidhi is located near the sancturn sanctorum. On the sides of the inner-prakara (Corridor), Anjaneya is on the south, and Alwars' and Sri Rama's sannidhis are located on the northern side. On the eastern side is Sri Ramanuja.

      Outside the main temple, on the southern side is the shrine for Lord Maniappan and on the northern side is Ennappan and also the holy birth spot (avatara sthala) of Bhoomidevi. Garuda's shrine is located right opposite the main temple. Just on the southern side of the main entrance, dancing Krishna in a niche welcomes us all with a bewitching smile.

Various other Mandapas:

      One beautiful marble mandapa is located on the western side in the inner prakaram, where the deities rest for a while, before coming out during pancha-parva utsavam. Another marble mandapa is located on the northern side where dolotsavam is performed for the deities. Adjoining this is a shrine for Rama, Lakshmana, site and Hanuman, and then comes the sacred bed chamber (Tiruppalliarai), full of beautiful mirrors, where during festivals, the Lord and His consort rest during nights.

      During the two Brahmotsavams in Panguni (March-April) and Purattasi (Sept-Oct), it is a divine sight to watch and worship the god and goddess in this room full of mirrors. One Yaga-sala for performing religious rituals is also provided. The temple includes avahana mandapa and a library, and another mandapa with 8 carved pillars on the banks of the pushkarini (holy-tank), where the annual float-festival takes place during Jan-Feb. To the south of the Garuda shrine is the huge, spacious Kotimanadapa, used for several holy purposes. The annual Kalyana Utsavam is performed here, followed by music and dance programmes. Prarthana Kalyana Utsavams are also performed here.

      Two huge marriage halls belonging to the temple, are available in front, where marriages tec., can be conducted for a nominal fee. There is also a rest - house containing 5 rooms, which is available for use by pilgrims at cheap rent. There are 2 mandapas at the end of the Sannidhi street. One houses a small chariot and the other for use during the big chariot festival.

pristine Gardens:

      There is a small garden by the side of the outer prakara of the temple. There is also a much bigger garden about 1/2 km to the south of the temple, where tulasi and flowers are grown in abundance for weaving garlands daily for the deities. A big mandapa is located in this garden, where deities rest during the day in summer, during the Vasantotsavam celebrated for 6 days in May-June every year.