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Arulmigu Oppiliappan Temple - Pooja Fees

The following table lists the details of the various rituals performed at the temple as well as the rates.
Pooja Details Rates Timing
Siravana Sudharsana Homam Rs.5000.00 Morning 06.00 to 10.00
Swarna Puspa Archani Rs.500.00 Morning 08.30
Moolavar Thanga Kavasam Rs.8000.00 Morning 08.30
Moolavar Thirumanjanam Rs.8000.00 Morning 10.30
Thirukalyanam Rs.2500.00 Evening 04.00
Urchavar Thirumanjanam Rs.2000.00 Morning 09.00
Prathanai Karuda Sevai Rs.1500.00 Evening 05.30
Thanga Ratha Ulla Rs.2000.00 Evening 06.00
Unjal Urchavam Rs.1000.00 Evening 07.00
Kannadi Palliarai Rs.1000.00 Evening 07.30
Niranthara Nithyarathani Kattallai Rs.2000.00
Niranthara Nithya Annadhana Vaippu Nithi Rs.20000.00
Niranthara Pasu Paramarippu Kattallai Rs.5000.00
One day Annadhanam Rs.2000.00 (Rs 3670.00 for Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
Kattalai Archanai(1-year) Rs.500.00
Boomidevi Marriage Anumathi Rs.10000.00
Marriage Function Rs.1000.00
Take a Photo Rs.200.00
Take a Video Rs.500.00
Kungumam for 1kg Rs.500.00
Archanai Rs.5.00(with kungumam Rs 10.00)
Sahasranama Archanai Rs.100.00 (with kunguman Rs 105.00)